I Pre-Mortemed My Internship, Here’s What Happened

I’d always dreamt what the commute from my home to the office would look like; I’d imagine myself cycling to a trendy workspace in the city, grabbing a latte at a local coffee shop and decorating my desk with succulents and art prints. 


I never thought I’d be working from my childhood bedroom, let alone as a Communication intern for a company and team I’d grow close with. It was not the summer I was expecting, not even in the slightest – it was so much better


My first day on the job started at 6:45 AM.


It wasn’t before long that new and foreign words started circling in conversations around me, a reminder that I had a lot to learn (I had a Google tab pulled open just to look up words like “CTA”, “SaaS” and “B2B”).  


I started to wonder, would I get the hang of my role? Am I doing a good job? Is it okay to ask questions and how many questions are too many? I was expecting it to take weeks before I settled down in my position, but all it took was a half-hour Priio® session. 


Our session started with a simple question, “What will cause this summer internship to fail?”.


From there, I collaborated with my two supervisors, the Communications Director at Butchershop Creative™ and the Co-Founder of Priio, in brainstorming responses to our prompt. Before I knew it, I was having an interactive and honest discussion on what my internship experience would look like – a task I was not expecting to feel confident with on my first day on the job. I felt at ease not only discussing my own potential points of failure, such as not receiving sufficient feedback or instructions, but also taking in commentary from my supervisors. Ultimately, I learned that my supervisors and I shared a lot of goals for the summer, a realization that made jumping into my job that much easier. 


The process couldn’t have been more simple.


With an eagerness to tackle my new role, I let the benefits of having completed my Priio session role in. I was comfortable speaking constructively with my team, sharing my opinion on copy and design with senior level managers and asking questions when something didn’t click. 


From there, I would go on to work on a multitude of projects in user experience, copywriting, PR and more. I watched as what I had learned in the university classroom manifest itself into real work – such as drawing on the foundations of social psychology to conduct market research and implementing my research in online mediated communication to create a better virtual platform. I relished the opportunity to lead initiatives I never would have imagined myself capable of, like launching this blog and co-writing a grant for the Austrian government. 


So was the Priio session a success?


The answer to this question is much easier to answer. 


I’ll put it this way: what started as a nerve-wracking first day in my childhood bedroom ended with a contract to continue working throughout the school year. You can say we achieved success this summer, but if you ask me, I’d say we #BeatFailure.

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