How to Best Make Use of Your Company’s (Female) Know-How?

If you are a creative, innovative, forward thinking female, the Female Future Festival in Austria may be exactly the right place for you. Imagine 800 individuals from diverse backgrounds and different countries brought together for one day at a beautiful lake in western Austria to learn new ways of thinking and recalibrate their approach to business.  

What Does the Future of Female Empowerment Look Like?

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The slogan for this year’s gathering was you get in life what you have the courage to ask for and reflected the overall atmosphere of the event – female empowerment! After seeing all these talented, smart and powerful women on stage speaking about the importance of female leadership and the need for stronger participation to shape the future, I began to wonder how female empowerment can be used to raise the future generation of female voices. I speculated if our efforts should instead be geared towards amplifying the power that is already in the room and tapping into female know-how


You get in life what you have the courage to ask for. 


Later in the day, I purchased a book titled Only Who is Visible also Takes Place at one of the festival’s book stands. Thinking about visibility of female talents brought me to the conclusion that maybe we don’t have a power problem. The power, the talent, the education and networks are already there and growing everyday. But the visibility of female opinions in decisive moments where business decisions are made is lacking. Highly talented females are flooding schools, universities, companies and politics. Our focus now should be on establishing structures that allow society and businesses to benefit from female know-how. 

Increasing Female Visibility in the Office

Having joined Butchershop™ as Senior Program Manager and being placed into my most accountable position so far, I have observed that the pre-mortem methodology is the perfect approach to do just this: amplify voices in the workplace. It can even be one solution to female visibility in the office. 

People Matter

This brings me back to what I learned at the festival. I resonated with an impressive presentation by the female Head of Digital at Microsoft, who made three points clear: innovation starts with empathy, company culture is more important than technology and people come first.  


A technology mega giant hired a female Head of Digital to tell us that technology comes second – can you imagine? I was impressed by the statement itself but also the courage and strategic decision by Microsoft to integrate a people-first mindset in their digital approach. 


What can we learn from that? I guess we can conclude that the right people, with the right mindsets are out there. Now, we need to provide the tools and infrastructure to help female voices shape decision making processes.


Highly talented females are flooding schools, universities, companies and politics. Our focus now should be on establishing structures that allow society and businesses to benefit from female know-how. 



Priio®, the first digitized pre-mortem methodology tool, starts exactly where Microsoft’s Head of Digital took off. 

Innovation Starts with Empathy 

Priio allows you to strategically and jointly develop your company’s priorities on the basis of a failure mindset. It puts everybody’s doubts on the table, makes every participant’s voice heard and generates a high volume of trust and cohesion within and amongst teams.

Company Culture is More Important Than Technology 

Companies of the future have to make a strategic decision on how they envision to continue leading their businesses, attracting talents and building resilient corporations. An indispensable company culture is not dodging failure but addressing failure explicitly – leading decision making with a failure mindset. That’s why Priio asks the question “what would cause this to fail?”, flipping our perspective in decisive moments of decision making.

People Come First 

The future of business will irretrievably be built around their people. From startups to Fortune 500 companies, we all aim to create worthwhile products the market will continue to demand. The differentiating factor of successful companies in the future will lie in the question of how well these businesses manage to correlate a decrease of failure with an increase in employee’s satisfaction. Because our shared overarching goal is to continue benefiting from people’s know-how, including female talent is only vital to this process.


Starting with people and company culture and ending with innovation, growth, cohesion and economic resiliency, Priio is the tool to help you and your team beat failure time after time again.
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