This is not your average to-do list

Priio® draws on the PreMortem Methodology, a tool commonly used to execute with clarity. Distilled into a work session-style experience, Priio delivers the top ranked results you need to focus on and builds an instant strategy while fostering individual accountability.

Name your Priio and invite your team

Ask “What will cause this to fail?”. Then, invite all stakeholders, from team members, peers, managers, to clients, and external experts.

Pro Tip: Keep the group tight. Plan more time for more than 5 participants!

Start Priio and get input

Each participant has 3 minutes to answer what would cause your initiative to fail. Think timeline, strategy, resourcing, financials, stakeholders, bottlenecks - you name it.

Pro Tip: Remind your team to submit 1 answer per entry!

Share and categorize

Each person briefly shares their input while the Facilitator organizes them under categories. Don’t get hung up here! Keep moving!

Pro Tip: If using a video conferencing tool, the facilitator should start screensharing now.

Score and review Priio results

The group collectively ranks the inputs using Priio’s specific yet simple rating system. Now you can review your ranked results!

Pro Tip: Once you have your top ranked results, move the threshold bar to prioritize the top 5.

Assign ownership and schedule follow-up

Assign a team member responsible for leading the charge in preventing failure for each top ranked result. Check-in regularly & schedule your next Priio!

Pro Tip: Using Priio regularly per month will maximize clarity and decrease your chances of failure.

Try Priio now!
Save time, gain clarity, beat failure, and succeed.