Need some help with Priio? Clarity is our middle name.

What is a Priio?

A Priio is a session facilitated with an individual or team, in order to understand and discuss what future events could cause a specific initiative to fail. The Priio session will deliver the top ranked topics that you or your team need to prioritize in order to maximize clarity and ultimately succeed. The ranked results can then be assigned to team members for accountability.

How do I run a Priio session?

A) A Priio starts when a facilitator creates a Priio event and invites members (a Priio session can also be run solo). It is strongly advised the meeting should also have a vocal communication channel (such as Zoom, etc) during the Priio event people can communicate and interact during the session.

B) Each Priio session should be oriented around the question “What will cause ____ to fail?”.

C) In a similar way to a video meeting, the facilitator must start the meeting before the guests can participate. The guests will see a wait screen until the meeting is started.

D) Step 1: Input
The facilitator starts the Priio, and the guests will enter their concerns, 1 submission at a time, answering the question of what could cause your initiative to fail. The topics should be brief!
The recommended amount of time for submissions is 3 minutes total

E) Step 2: Sort
Once all guests have entered their topics, the facilitator changes the step to the Sort step. At this point in time, guests can follow along in their browser or the facilitator can share their screen (recommended). Once at the Sort step, guests are unable to enter more topics, only the facilitator can make changes to the submissions.

The submissions are color-coordinated based on the guest. Each guest member briefly speaks to their submissions, while in parallel, the facilitator sorts each submission from the left side into categories and groups similar topics together. The facilitator can create more categories to organize the list of topics, and if necessary, go back to the input step in to add more topics.
It is common to have duplicate submissions, or submissions that are very closely related.

When this occurs, topics can be grouped together by dropping a topic onto another topic.
After a topic is sorted under a category or grouped with other topics, it can later be moved to a different category or removed from a group by dragging it to a different spot on the dashboard.
Once a topic is created, it can later be deleted or edited. To delete or edit a topic, select three dots at the top right of the topic card.

F) Step 3: Score step

The purpose of this step is for the team to collectively assign a numeric value to each submission. By assigning the issue a degree of importance, it will be ranked in comparison to other submissions.

Each submission is scored in two parts, on a scale of 1-10: The likelihood of the submission happening multiplied by the impact it would have on the initiative if it were to happen.

Only the facilitator has the capability to adjust the scores.

G) Step 4: Results

After the submissions are scored, then the team can review and discuss the top priorities during the Results step. Submissions with the highest score are the most important priorities to be focused on in order to prevent failure.

It is recommended to focus on the top 5.

H) Step 5: Assign + Summary

During the Assign step, the facilitator can add notes to a submission and assign a guest name to it. The purpose of this step is to create accountability and generate action items around the topic.

How many people should join a Priio?

The rule of thumb is that the more guests in your Priio, the more time it will take.

A Priio session with 5 people can take anywhere between 1- 1.5 hours.

It is advised to limit the event to 8-10 participants max. If your team is bigger, we recommend to break out the Priio session into smaller groups, and then host a final Priio where each group shares their top ranked results, and discuss how to further boil down the concerns and how to address them.

Priio sessions can also be run solo. It's the fastest, most efficient way to get clear about your priorities.

Who participates in a Priio?

There are two parties involved in a Priio exercise: A facilitator and invited guests (unless you are hosting a session solo).

The facilitator is the meeting host, and is in charge of running the Priio session and moving the group through each Step of the Priio session and collecting group consensus during Step 3: Score phase. It is highly recommended that the facilitator share their screen at Step 2: Sort.

Facilitators can also participate!

Who can facilitate a Priio?

Only the workspace owner or the workspace member can facilitate a Priio session. Guests who are invited to the session and who are not part of the workspace, do not have the ability to facilitate the Priio session.

How long does a Priio take?

The length of your Priio session is directly related to how many guests are participating. For groups up to 4 guests, we recommend planning 1 hour of time. For groups of 5-7, we recommend planning 1.5-2 hours. For groups larger than 8, we recommend planning for 2+ hours or doing break out sessions of smaller groups, then coming together to present your results to one another.

How many Priio sessions can I schedule?

Regardless of your payment plan, you can schedule as many Priio sessions as you like!

Can I export a Priio?

You can only export the data from your Priio session with the Business Plan account.
You can export your Priio session within your dashboard by clicking the 3 dots of your Priio overview tile, and then select ‘Export’. A text version of your Priio will be emailed to you.

How do I add guests to a Priio session?

To add users to a Priio session, navigate to the Priio tile card on your dashboard, and select ‘Add user’. Once you add your guest, they will automatically be added to the Priio session and will receive an email notification with the direct link to the Priio session. You can only add guests to your Priio with the Business Plan account.

Who can update the Priio session’s information?

Only the facilitator (a workspace owner or member) can manage the Priio information in the Dashboard.

Once a Priio session has started, only the facilitator can edit topics, add categories, and score the cards.

What is the difference between a workspace member and a guest?

A workspace member is someone you has been invited to a workspace and is able to create and manage Priio events within that workspace. A workspace member can schedule Priio sessions, and within that session, they can invite guests, facilitate, and export Priio data.

A guest is someone who is only invited to participate in a Priio session. A guest is typically invited by the workspace owner, workspace member, or Priio facilitator. A guest must create a free or paid account, and will only be able to view the Priio sessions they have been invited to. They cannot see any other Priios or information within a workspace that they have not been invited to.

How can I invite guests to my Priio session?

Inviting guests to your Priio session requires a Business Plan subscription for $15/month for the workspace owner or workspace member. To enable sharing, navigate to your workspace Setting > Plans and select the Premium User plan. You will then be able to invite guests to your Priio session by clicking the '+' on the Dashboard and creating a new Priio session. Enter the name and email address of the guest you would like to invite and they will receive an invite to join your Priio session via mail.

Guests who are not part of your workspace will need to create either a free or paid Priio account.

You can also adjust the guest list of your Priio by clicking the three dots of your Priio overview tile in the Dashboard and clicking 'Edit'.

How do I add members to my workspace?

With a Business Plan subscription, you are able to add members to your workspace.
To add a member to your workspace, go to your Settings > People > click ‘Add new member’ and enter the member’s information. The member will be sent a notification email inviting them to your workspace.

Each additional seat added to your workspace is $15/month as a Premium User account.

Can I create multiple workspaces?

On the left hand side of your Dashboard, you will see that you can create additional workspaces by pressing the ‘+’ icon. Each workspace is treated as a new Priio workspace, so you will be able to select either a Free or Business Plan subscription per workspace.

What are the 'Rooms' used for on the left panel of my Dashboard?

Rooms have the exact same function as a folder. You can use rooms to organize your Priio sessions. Rooms are great for organizing your Priios by team, client, department, or project.

You can add Priios to the rooms by clicking on the 3 dots of your Priio overview tile.

How much does Priio cost?

Priio offers 3 pricing tiers:

Free Plan - The free plan is free of charge. The user is able to create a workspace and host unlimited single-person Priio sessions.

Business Plan - The business plan has a monthly subscription of $15 per month. The user is able to create a workspace and host unlimited multi-guest Priio sessions.

Enterprise - For an enterprise account, please contact

How do I cancel my Priio subscription?

A paid subscription can be cancelled within the Workspace settings > Plans > Cancel Subscription
For non-paid subscriptions, a workspace can be deleted within the Workspace settings > Settings and Preferences > Delete workspace

How can I view my payment details?

A list of downloadable payment invoices is available within your workspace Settings > Billing.

What happens if a paid subscription has a declined payment?

When a Business Plan (paid) subscription cannot be completed, the user’s workspace will be temporarily treated as a free workspace. The user will see a notification within the workspace with this information.

For future scheduled Priio sessions, any workspace members or guests who have been invited to the workspace owner's Priio session, will also receive a notification that the Priio session cannot be started and to please contact the workspace owner.

Only the workspace owner can manage the workspace and host single-person Priio sessions until the payment can be made.