Celebrating 6 Months of Priio

In the grand scheme of things, six months never feels like a long time. 


Half a year really flies by. The first six months of a new job or recent move soon gets glossed over with newer, more prominent memories of our day-to-day life. 


If it wasn’t for the fact that this month marks the six month anniversary of Priio®’s release, it would be easy to forget all that we have accomplished in the recent months. But as we celebrate half-a-year of Beating Failure, we’re excited to look back on how Priio has evolved to the platform it is today. 


1. Start Somewhere 

Too often we let the fear of failure control us. Failure dictates who we hang out with, what we choose to pursue and even how we decide to spend our free time. It’s time to let go of our obsession with perfection.  


If these past six months have taught us anything, it’s that the best thing you can do is just start. Start somewhere and start strong. When you focus on potential pain points from the get-go, you won’t be preoccupied with an abstract ideal of perfection. Instead, you’ll experience what it’s like to achieve success through beating failure


2. Amplify ALL Voices 

From your team’s college intern to the corner-office executive, each member of your office has a unique perspective that deserves to be heard. Be the one that raises those commonly unnoticed voices and empower those around you to do the same.   


When you invest in your team, you’re also building a company culture that employees will want to stick around for. Lead with a people-first mindset and join the many industry-leading companies that have reaped the rewards of amplifying all voices


3. Don’t Forget to Take a Look Back 

Back in April and months into the pandemic, the Priio team launched the world’s first beat failure platform. While workplaces were still remote and the future of office-life looked murky, we knew that we were taking a risk. 


Today however, Priio boasts a growing user base from around the world. As we grow past our North American founding and make our mark in the DACH region, we’re grateful for where we are today and excited for where we’ll be tomorrow. 


Here’s to beating failure one step at a time, thank you for joining us in celebrating this milestone.

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