How to Best Make Use of Your Company’s (Female) Know-How?

If you are a creative, innovative, forward thinking female, the Female Future Festival in Austria may be exactly the right place for you. Imagine 800 individuals from diverse backgrounds and different countries brought together for one day at a beautiful lake in western Austria to learn new ways of thinking and recalibrate their approach to business.  

What Does the Future of Female Empowerment Look Like?

The slogan for this year’s gathering was you get in life what you have the courage to ask for and reflected the overall atmosphere of the event – female empowerment! After seeing all these talented, smart and powerful women on stage speaking about the importance of female leadership and the need for stronger participation to shape the future, I began to wonder how female empowerment can be used to raise the future generation of female voices. I speculated if our efforts should instead be geared towards amplifying the power that is already in the room and tapping into female know-how


You get in life what you have the courage to ask for. 


Later in the day, I purchased a book titled Only Who is Visible also Takes Place at one of the festival’s book stands. Thinking about visibility of female talents brought me to the conclusion that maybe we don’t have a power problem. The power, the talent, the education and networks are already there and growing everyday. But the visibility of female opinions in decisive moments where business decisions are made is lacking. Highly talented females are flooding schools, universities, companies and politics. Our focus now should be on establishing structures that allow society and businesses to benefit from female know-how. 

Increasing Female Visibility in the Office

Having joined Butchershop™ as Senior Program Manager and being placed into my most accountable position so far, I have observed that the pre-mortem methodology is the perfect approach to do just this: amplify voices in the workplace. It can even be one solution to female visibility in the office. 

People Matter

This brings me back to what I learned at the festival. I resonated with an impressive presentation by the female Head of Digital at Microsoft, who made three points clear: innovation starts with empathy, company culture is more important than technology and people come first.  


A technology mega giant hired a female Head of Digital to tell us that technology comes second – can you imagine? I was impressed by the statement itself but also the courage and strategic decision by Microsoft to integrate a people-first mindset in their digital approach. 


What can we learn from that? I guess we can conclude that the right people, with the right mindsets are out there. Now, we need to provide the tools and infrastructure to help female voices shape decision making processes.


Highly talented females are flooding schools, universities, companies and politics. Our focus now should be on establishing structures that allow society and businesses to benefit from female know-how. 



Priio®, the first digitized pre-mortem methodology tool, starts exactly where Microsoft’s Head of Digital took off. 

Innovation Starts with Empathy 

Priio allows you to strategically and jointly develop your company’s priorities on the basis of a failure mindset. It puts everybody’s doubts on the table, makes every participant’s voice heard and generates a high volume of trust and cohesion within and amongst teams.

Company Culture is More Important Than Technology 

Companies of the future have to make a strategic decision on how they envision to continue leading their businesses, attracting talents and building resilient corporations. An indispensable company culture is not dodging failure but addressing failure explicitly – leading decision making with a failure mindset. That’s why Priio asks the question “what would cause this to fail?”, flipping our perspective in decisive moments of decision making.

People Come First 

The future of business will irretrievably be built around their people. From startups to Fortune 500 companies, we all aim to create worthwhile products the market will continue to demand. The differentiating factor of successful companies in the future will lie in the question of how well these businesses manage to correlate a decrease of failure with an increase in employee’s satisfaction. Because our shared overarching goal is to continue benefiting from people’s know-how, including female talent is only vital to this process.


Starting with people and company culture and ending with innovation, growth, cohesion and economic resiliency, Priio is the tool to help you and your team beat failure time after time again.
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I Pre-Mortemed My Internship, Here’s What Happened

I’d always dreamt what the commute from my home to the office would look like; I’d imagine myself cycling to a trendy workspace in the city, grabbing a latte at a local coffee shop and decorating my desk with succulents and art prints. 


I never thought I’d be working from my childhood bedroom, let alone as a Communication intern for a company and team I’d grow close with. It was not the summer I was expecting, not even in the slightest – it was so much better


My first day on the job started at 6:45 AM.


It wasn’t before long that new and foreign words started circling in conversations around me, a reminder that I had a lot to learn (I had a Google tab pulled open just to look up words like “CTA”, “SaaS” and “B2B”).  


I started to wonder, would I get the hang of my role? Am I doing a good job? Is it okay to ask questions and how many questions are too many? I was expecting it to take weeks before I settled down in my position, but all it took was a half-hour Priio® session. 


Our session started with a simple question, “What will cause this summer internship to fail?”.


From there, I collaborated with my two supervisors, the Communications Director at Butchershop Creative™ and the Co-Founder of Priio, in brainstorming responses to our prompt. Before I knew it, I was having an interactive and honest discussion on what my internship experience would look like – a task I was not expecting to feel confident with on my first day on the job. I felt at ease not only discussing my own potential points of failure, such as not receiving sufficient feedback or instructions, but also taking in commentary from my supervisors. Ultimately, I learned that my supervisors and I shared a lot of goals for the summer, a realization that made jumping into my job that much easier. 


The process couldn’t have been more simple.


With an eagerness to tackle my new role, I let the benefits of having completed my Priio session role in. I was comfortable speaking constructively with my team, sharing my opinion on copy and design with senior level managers and asking questions when something didn’t click. 


From there, I would go on to work on a multitude of projects in user experience, copywriting, PR and more. I watched as what I had learned in the university classroom manifest itself into real work – such as drawing on the foundations of social psychology to conduct market research and implementing my research in online mediated communication to create a better virtual platform. I relished the opportunity to lead initiatives I never would have imagined myself capable of, like launching this blog and co-writing a grant for the Austrian government. 


So was the Priio session a success?


The answer to this question is much easier to answer. 


I’ll put it this way: what started as a nerve-wracking first day in my childhood bedroom ended with a contract to continue working throughout the school year. You can say we achieved success this summer, but if you ask me, I’d say we #BeatFailure.

10 Unconventional Ways to Use Priio

We fear failure – too often it’s what stops us from landing our dream job, traveling overseas or pursuing new projects. 


That’s where Priio® comes in, it’s the world’s first platform that prioritizes clarity so that you can achieve success no matter the occasion. From mitigating workplace stressors to checking off to-do’s, wherever your priorities lie, Priio will meet you there. 

1. House Hunting 

Move-in ready or fixer-upper; craftsman or contemporary; far commute or perfectly local? We can’t promise you that your dream home (at your dream price point) is out there, but when the time comes to start looking, you are one click away from moving in with Priio. Distilled into a work session-style experience, the power of Priio will deliver fast results ranked in order of your needs to help you create the perfect house hunting wishlist. 

2. Living with Roommates 

There are many answers to the question “what will cause our living arrangement to fail?”. With Priio, compromising with roommates is no longer stressful. The platform implements a user friendly format that turns dreaded confrontations into approachable discussions. This way, no roommate goes unheard. Next time you’re moving in with someone new, forget about game night and try Priio out instead.  

3. Wedding Planning 

Your dream wedding is somewhere on the beach in Europe, but your budget says otherwise. We all have our own priorities, and saying “I do” in Tuscany may be more important to you than inviting your fourth-cousin to witness your vows. Every partner has to face trade-offs when planning a wedding, but with Priio, you’ll have one less thing to worry about on your perfectly planned day.      

4. Preparing for a Job Interview 

We all know that anticipatory apprehension before a job interview. Whether it’s building the confidence to ask questions, list related work experience or network with your interviewer, Priio works to create an instant strategy so that you can walk into your next interview feeling prepared. Consider Priio your career sidekick. 

5. Working on a Research Project

The scientific method has seven steps, Priio just has one. Instead of pondering the results of a successful research project, ask yourself, “what will cause my research to fail?”. This methodology found success decades ago within the scientific community and has since been perfected over the years. 

6. Planning a Vacation 

Vacation days are scarce – that’s why creating the perfect itinerary on Priio is a must. Priio sessions can be held in groups so that the whole travel team gets a say on their dream vacation. The platform builds individual accountability around priorities by assigning different tasks to different team members. With the burden of vacation planning off your shoulders, relaxing by the pool will be that much easier. 

7. Pursuing a Hobby 

Pursuing a new hobby later in life is challenging, but it’s not impossible. Between perfecting your arpeggio on the piano or mastering your tennis backhand, Priio will help unlock your potential to succeed.  

8. Tackling a Home Renovation 

Priio is the perfect tool to navigate the unknown, making it your online home renovation contractor of sorts. If you fear discovering asbestos in your fixer upper, or choosing the wrong tile for your bathroom, Priio works to turn hindsight into foresight so that your renovation can go smoothly (and with-in budget).  

9. Applying to College 

The United States is home to over 5,000 colleges alone – and unless you have plans to visit each one, deciding where to apply is no easy task. But with Priio, it’s simple to narrow down your application list by assessing your collegiate priorities. While we’ll leave deciding between private or public universities to you, let Priio handle the rest

10. New Year’s Resolutions

Following through with New Year’s Resolutions is a notoriously difficult task. As we look back on previous years’ goals, Priio makes it attainable to fulfill future resolutions by underscoring potential barriers to success. If it’s too late to create New Year Resolutions’, the same methodology can be applied when planning for the week, month or season ahead. 


Ultimately, there’s a never ending list of functions Priio can be used for. If it’s a priority for you, seek clarity with Priio.

3 Times Major Companies Have Publicly Faced Failure and What We Can Learn From It

It is often said that success is not a destination but rather a journey. For some of the world’s largest companies, this journey entails bouncing back from failure. Whether it be a product flop, poor campaigning or improper planning, failure is hard to beat, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to be learned from it. 

Product Failure

For Facebook, failure was on the company’s doorstep when the social media giant released the Facebook Home, better known as the “Facebook phone,” in 2013. 


Doesn’t ring a bell? No? That’s probably because the phone failed spectacularly. The device, which was made in collaboration with HTC, was quickly met with lackluster reviews upon its release. Facing a slow rollout, AT&T cut the phone’s price from $99 to 99 cents before eventually discontinuing the device. That year, Time commemorated the phone as one of the “lamest moments in tech.” 


The failure came as a surprise to Facebook executives, especially founder Mark Zuckerberg who said he considered re-shaping Facebook into a “mobile-first company” prior to the device’s release. Despite the phone’s downturn, Facebook moved on, focusing on its true claim to fame, dominating our favorite forms of social communication. 

Marketing Mishap

Zuckerberg’s virtual domain is not the only well-known company to have overcome challenges. From Lego to Tiffany’s, companies synonymous with success are not always faultless. What these big names eventually learned in their run in with defeat is that achieving success is only possible through beating failure


A pain point many companies face in business is in marketing their products. They have a great product, but struggle to reach the right customers with the right message – an issue even a heritage brand like Tiffany & Co struggled with earlier this year. In July of 2021, the jewelry brand received backlash for a campaign called “Not Your Mother’s Tiffany.” The campaign, which featured images of young models and the words “Not Your Mother’s Tiffany” bolded on top in an effort to attract a younger audience, not only offended the company’s existing customers, but it also felt foreign to the brand’s classic and timeless image. In this case, while Tiffany’s was successful in creating a beautiful line of jewelry and specialty goods, the brand’s advertisements deterred their client base.  

Brand Bankruptcy

Lego, the infamous Danish plastic construction toys company, faced a similar challenge nearly one decade ago. The company was selling products at a loss. At the same time, new toy sets were not garnering the attention they once were. With sales down 30% and the company $800 million in debt, the only way out for Lego was up. The company eventually streamlined operations and hired new designers who felt passionate about the product. Since then, Lego has introduced many best sellers, like their Star Wars set. Now, Lego is worth $6 billion and boasts a number of movies and shows in its name. 

What Now?

When faced with failure, we often have the unnerving instinct to prevent future blunders. But what we learn from these instances is that preventing failure is a challenge that not even the world’s biggest companies are immune to. Instead of working to prevent failure, we need to Beat Failure™


This is where Priio’s Pre-Mortem Methodology comes in. By uncovering a project’s potential failure points early on, Priio creates defensible strategies and next steps, builds individual accountability around priorities and underscores on what to prevent from happening in order to succeed – all in one work session-style experience. 


Priio will have you going back to past projects wishing you conducted a pre-mortem.